CREATE MUSIC VISUALLY - BLOCKS by PlayDecks lets you see your musical ideas come to life! Watch video tutorials for every sound and create pieces that you can play on piano yourself.
WRITE MUSIC LIKE NEVER BEFORE - With a PianoKit from PlayDecks, you'll be able to play popular loops yourself, learn about chords and key progressions, write your own songs or remix popular songs - all with just one tool.
WORKS EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE A PIANO - You don't need a piano to use BLOCKS. Just watch the video tutorials for the sounds you want to play and create your music visually.
PLAY ANY SOUND YOU HEAR - With BLOCKS, you can recreate any song you hear by playing the corresponding sounds on piano yourself. It even works if you don't have a piano!
UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL - With PlayDecks BLOCKS, you can visualize your musical ideas like never before. Create and edit music with just one tool, and play your creations on piano yourself.
£3/month (paid annually)